Preparing reports to parent companies

In case of many companies monthly reports with strict deadlines shall be prepared. Typically, the format and content of these reports are not based on the Hungarian Accounting Law, therefore, it is necessary to know other standards as well.

IFRS, USGAAP, reports

Some of our clients are required to prepare monthly or other periodic reports by their parent companies. The accounting of these companies is done under the provisions of the Hungarian Accounting Law, since, on the one hand, it is a legal obligation, on the other hand, preparation of tax returns would be very difficult otherwise. Therefore, reports are either generated by a converting key in the accounting program or in case of smaller reports they are converted in Excel charts.

Cashflow and other financial reports

Reports are also prepared in cases when a company is not consolidated by the parent conmpany, but they want to maintain a financial control. We prepare pre-compiled reports in these cases as well for our clients. Most often we help compiling IFRS reports, but we often prepare US GAAP reports as well. We keep the deadlines determined by the parent companies as set in stone and, if necessary, we consult the people processing the reports in English and German, too. Our experienced professionals can help prepare these reports as well. Our IT background allows us to prepare data exports that meet the needs of other data processing systems but we can also prepare these reports simply in Excel charts.