Audit of mergers and acquisitions

In response to the economic challenges, businesses often respond with organizational transformation. Under the circumstances, sometimes the smaller, sometimes the bigger organizational forms are chosen.

The most important accounting documents of transformations are the balance sheets certified by an auditor and the underlying asset inventories. However, the accounting tasks related to transformations are not part of the everyday routine tasks. The Hungarian legislation provides a statutory audit in case of transformations which can be

  • mergers or takeovers,
  • mergers or takeovers,
  • divisions or separations,
  • changes of company form.

During a transformation, many questions may arise, the prudent answer of which can be of great help to the companies to be transformed. Such questions can be, for example:

  • Shall the transformation be done at book or market value?
  • How can ownership structure be modified during the transformation?
  • Is it possible to raise capital during the transformation process and what is the best way in each case?
  • How can capital requirements required by law be provided during the transformation?
  • What is beneficiary transformation and what tax benefits does it have?

Our certified auditors have many years of experience in the audit of transformations and have effective practice in all forms of transformation. With our extensive knowledge we are able to help to select the most optimal solutions during the transformation and verify the balance sheets according to the law.