Audit of grants

In case of domestic and direct EU grants, the audit of financial accounts is required depending on the value of the grant.

Many applicants are confronted with serious administrative requirements to be met in order to be able to deliver a successful financial accounts only after winning a grant, at the time of conclusion of the contract. It is desirable to start preparing the records required by the contract on time.


Most often we encounter the following accounting errors:

  • In the course of the settlement of salaries, labor records are incomplete and do not support the expenses reported.
  • The expenses reported are not connected to the project and do not constitute a recognized expense.
  • The applicant does not have the necessary documents concerning the expenses reported.
  • The allocation of general expenses is not in accordance with the procedure.
  • Proper preparation and continuous consultaion with the auditor will bring about the required result.

In addition to the national and EU grants, we have already carried out the audit of sources from Swiss and Norvegian funds.On the basis of our experiences and refrences, we are capable of carrying out the audit of grants ranging from a few hundred million to billions of forints.